David A. Lustig

Chef & Proprietor

David Lustig photo

David Lustig is a second generation Colorado native. David grew up in a small Jewish family on Newport Way in Winston Downs just a few blocks from what would someday be Brooklyn Pizza. From an early as age, David loved to help his mom prepare special meals for Shabbos and Yom Tov. A chef was born.

David attended Fallis Elementary, Place Junior High, and George Washington High School. He graduated from the University of Denver with a business degree. Throughout his varied career, David learned the value of building long-term relationships with clients, vendors and suppliers. He uses what he learned every day at Brooklyn Pizza. David’s love of travel has given him the opportunity to taste local flavors and experience cultures across the United States and around the world. David has always enjoyed incorporating novel ingredients into creative and delicious meals for his friends and family.

As a self-taught chef, David is passionate about the food he serves and dedicates himself to the mission of making sure every customer has a positive experience. Early in 2012 Denver found itself in need of a new Kosher pizza place. It was a perfect fit. David brought his skills together with his desire to provide a sit down restaurant for his family, and all families, to eat together. Because David’s wife, Noelle was born and raised in Brooklyn, where some people say pizza was born, it was a shidduch. The name Brooklyn Pizza, along with the names of all the dishes, are a tribute to David’s wife, Noelle and their eleven-year old daughter, Atara.